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Best fishing shopFishing is an amazing sport; relaxing and exciting at the same time.  I was not one of the lucky ones that had fishing passed down from generations of my family before me, but I wanted to teach my son to fish and start some traditions of our own.   From there my appreciation for fishing grew, and now my son is a professional sports fisherman and I am so proud of him, and that it started with a simple interest of mine.  I have created this website: Best Fishing Shop, to help educate the novice a little and provide a fishing shop with everything you need to get started, and also supplies for the experienced fisherman, as these seem hard to find at the local shops.


Recreational fishing, also known as angling, is a sport that has it’s own laws and licensing restrictions that differ from country to country.  They can limit the amount of fish you can catch, the way they are caught, and if you have to release them.  Check the local rules that apply and make sure you get the required licensing before going out on the water.  Generally the guidelines will be helpful and they will even have tips for the best fishing in that area.

Basic recreational fishing requires tackle.  Tackle is the basic term used for all the gear you’ll need to catch a fish and store it.  To fish you’ll need some basic tackle to get going, and an understanding of its uses.  You’ll need a rod, reel, fishing line, hooks, and some kind of bait, or lure.  There are different kinds of terminal tackle you can also use to attract fish, such as floats, weights, and swivels.   A rod lends control to the fishing line.  The rod contains a reel that controls the length of the line.


 fishing shopUsing a rod and reel you can do many different kinds of fishing.  Bank fishing is the most popular, as in fishing alongside a river or body of water.  Of course, you can also float on that body of water in a boat, my preferred style.  I find it relaxing and still challenging at the same time.  It takes skill to reel the fish in once you’ve got it, and there is even an art to placing the bait on the hook.


The real sport of fishing is in the casting of the line.  It’s an art form to learn and there are a few ways to do it, one of the most popular being fly-fishing.  With fly-fishing you use plastic flies as your bait, and you cast your line over the water, trying to lure the fish to jump out.  It’s exciting and more involved than bank fishing, but it gets you up and moving that’s for sure!  It is a popular way used to catch salmon and trout, but it works for a wide variety of fish.


There’s also surf fishing or surfcasting, which is another interesting and challenging method.  Mostly saltwater and done from a beach you need an especially long rod for this as you are trying to cast as far out into the ocean as you can.  Extreme fishing, and extremely entertaining.

Hopefully you’ll find fishing as rewarding and alluring as I do, and that you’ll be able to find the best fishing tackle online here.  Below I have listed some well-made fishing tackle that has been rated highly for its quality and endurance.


Happy fishing!


Best Rods Made in the USA

I found this list on a website called “Outdoor Life” which I frequent all the time.

1. BuCoo Micro and Cara T7, Falcon.  Handcrafted in Broken Bow, Oklahoma.

2. LegendXtreme rods, St. Croix.  Made in Park Falls, Wis.

3. Infinity line, Lamiglas.  Handcrafted in the Pacific Northwest, in Woodland, Wash.

4. GLX, G.Loomis.  Made in Woodland Wash, also.

5. Carbon Steel line, Kistler Rods’.  Trey Kistler, the son of one of the founders of All Star rods, started making rods in his garage, but his company now produces some of the best bass fishing rods on the market.  Produced in Magnolia, Tex.

best fishing

Best Fly Fishing Rod Manufacturers

Soured from fly fishing.  It’s a trustworthy list.


  1. Thomas & Thomas
  2. Orvis Fly Rods
  3. Redington
  4. Albright Fly Rods
  5. R.L. Winston Rod Company
  6. Cabela’s


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